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I honestly hope that God truly picked me to be your wife. I can’t wait to become yours if its really from God. oh marriage will be amazing with you by my side. WIth you anything can happen.. Your my kinda boy 😉 i believe you are the one! 🙂 the one I have been waiting for my whole life..  but oh my goodness if it happen its gonna be crazy. 


Your amazing. your super attractive. and fit & healthy. your so funny and crazy like me 

you don’t know it yet; but i’ll be your wife. i am having a hard time believing that God has actually told me who I will marry. I have known you more than 2 months now and we are without any communication.  

God has told me how to pray for you. your family, future and your calling on your life.  He has so many plans for your life. He wants me to pray for your outreach, your safety and for your dad and your’s relationship. He has given me so many details on how to pray for you and for our relationship. Maybe God will tell you how to pray for specifics for me.. Now that would be crazy COOOL.