This book gives me butterfiies i am such a sucker for love stories and romance. You know that i have a deep feeling inside of me every since i met you. This book is like speaking to me, i am sure if its God or my crazy thoughts.  But i am seriously thinking that God made us to be together. That he told me first, gave me the feelings and i am the first to really and truly and also deeply love him because he realizes any of this.  I can’t explain this feeling inside of me. its so beautiful and so confusing at the same time. Am i stupid for feeling like this? If we are meant to be together i have no idea when or how any of thiis would work. 100% i am willing to make this work wif you 🙂 you are something soooooo special. I want to spend my life with you forever and ever.  I feel as God is confirming in my heart that we are going to be married someday!! but i have no idea 😛 time to go finish this amazing book. besides all of this. this book has words of strength and encouragement and makes me think more and also pray. i love it. sometimes its hard to put the awesome book down long enough to do something else.