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This book gives me butterfiies i am such a sucker for love stories and romance. You know that i have a deep feeling inside of me every since i met you. This book is like speaking to me, i am sure if its God or my crazy thoughts.  But i am seriously thinking that God made us to be together. That he told me first, gave me the feelings and i am the first to really and truly and also deeply love him because he realizes any of this.  I can’t explain this feeling inside of me. its so beautiful and so confusing at the same time. Am i stupid for feeling like this? If we are meant to be together i have no idea when or how any of thiis would work. 100% i am willing to make this work wif you 🙂 you are something soooooo special. I want to spend my life with you forever and ever.  I feel as God is confirming in my heart that we are going to be married someday!! but i have no idea 😛 time to go finish this amazing book. besides all of this. this book has words of strength and encouragement and makes me think more and also pray. i love it. sometimes its hard to put the awesome book down long enough to do something else. 


Dear Friend.

My heart leaps for joy knowing these past two years my prayers are working. God is soooo faithful. I am encouraged greatly and trusting God that I will continue to see a breakthrough inside of your heart. Many times I have wanted to give up, but truth is something inside of me won’t let me. I am encouraged, my heart smiles and I have faith that you will continue to find God. That you would run from your pride and run towards Jesus. Jesus, the one can only save you. He forgives, loves and wants you. You finally realized that you were empty and GOd is working in me to help reach you. You are Good when there’s nothing good in me. I am continue to pray that God will give you strength to fight another day in the navy. Seek him and find him and when you find him with your being he will come. Just let go, and let God take over your life. Let him have your whole entire life. We as people can’t carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. I am praying for the day that you become a man of God and that you wont be living to please others in ways that is wrong. You were made to shine and be bright and beautiful. I see potential and so much more in You. I see a future that is bright and filled with so much life. Your living for yourself, wanting to be wanted in ways that you shouldn’t. I am far from perfect, but I am striving to be more like God. I am not perfect, but I have God who loves me with all my flaws, weaknesses and sins. He loves me just the same. We need Jesus. We can’t live without him. I am deeply encouraged to have a better relationship with Jesus. I want you to continue to want what I have. Because hes going to continue to rock yo crazy world. I believe in You. I love you deeply, maybe we will be together in the end but not now. I am not ready for you, your not ready for me. God, its all in your timing. If its meant to be it will happen when we are both ready.

Keep on shining (: