My curious mind wonders while I should be focusing on other things. I am usually up in space thinking about something other than school work. Lately,  I wonder what direction I am headed to if nursing school doesn’t work out right away. Who knows God could have bigger and better things for me. My curious mind wonders on thinking about where I should go next, but I am letting God pick the best choice.  My heart is full of compassion and someday I hope to achieve this degree in Nursing before I am 25- 30. Oh Jesus I can’t wait to use these talents and gifts that God has  given to me. I am incredibly excited to use my God given talents to help others.  One day my name tag will say Taylor  with some hospital name tag.  My biggest dream ever since I was little has been to work at St. Jude’s Children’s hospital with little kids of cancer. I hope to help anybody that I can.  So…. now I am going to give you some of my hearts desires. Some day soon I am looking at going on a mission’s trip to somewhere here in the United States or in some other country.  If I don’t make it nursing school for summer 2012  I am looking at getting involved with YWAM.( Youth with a mission) and get involved in a discipleship program for a couple months and the rest of the time  is some kind of mission work. As for now I am just trying to get through this first semester at this college that I really don’t like. I don’t like this place at all anymore. The leaves are quite beautiful and so is this campus, but it doesn’t feel like my place anymore.  Gonna try and stick this college place thingy mabob whatever you wanna call it out. I’m looking forward to seeing where God is gonna take me through this journey. As I walk through this journey, I would love your prayers 🙂  

Psalms 32:8

” I will instruct you in the ways you should go; I will counsel and watch over you”